Announcing outFIT for Work Programs Including Virtual Consultations & “Wardrobe Box”

April 24, 2020 2:52 pm

Career Wardrobe Waives Referrals and Announces outFIT for Work Programs

Including Virtual Consultations and “Wardrobe Box”

(Philadelphia/Delaware/Bucks County) – Although unemployment is at unprecedented levels in our region, there are still essential businesses who are hiring. And many who find themselves unemployed are using their time at home working on their resumes and moving their job searches online. To respond to this urgent and growing need, the Philadelphia-based nonprofit Career Wardrobe has opened its virtual doors to anyone who needs support and clothing to support their transition to employment.

The organization’s new outFIT for Work Program brings Career Wardrobe’s expertise and
clothing services online for anyone to access, whether they are planning their job search,
transitioning to employment, or preparing for a career change.

Career Wardrobe Consultation
During this crisis, Career Wardrobe is opening its programs to anyone who needs help
transitioning to work during this stressful time. Anyone who needs wardrobe advice and
clothing for their job search or employment, or a consultation to discuss their job search,
interviewing, accessing benefits, or career advice are welcome to make an appointment for
an online Career Wardrobe Consultation.

Wardrobe Box
Career Wardrobe’s core program is providing free clothing to assist people transition to
employment and independence. Instead of meeting in person, appointments will be
conducted via Google Hangout. Dedicated staff will work with the client to see if they can
pull together an appropriate outfit using items they already own. If they can’t, staff will mail
them a Wardrobe Box containing essential pieces they need. When the shop reopens,
clients are eligible to make an appointment for a full outfit to meet their needs.

outFIT for Work Vouchers
When Career Wardrobe and The Wardrobe Resale in Philadelphia and Lansdowne reopen to
the public, anyone who lost their job or income due to the COVID19 shutdown is invited to
come and shop with a $50 voucher courtesy of the outFIT for Work Fund. The number of
vouchers available will be determined by our outFIT for Work fundraising drive, so the more
they raise the more people can shop! To date, the organization has raised more than $5,000
to provide shopping experiences for 100 people when they reopen.

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