The Wardrobe Box

The Wardrobe Box developed The Wardrobe Box in 2020 to send clothing for work and life to people experiencing clothing insecurity wear they are!

As a Philadelphia-based organization The Wardrobe outfits over 5,000 people a year at our stores, but many more are not able to come on-site due to transportation, childcare, health concerns, scheduling, etc. The Wardrobe Box allows people in our area, and all across the country, to conveniently receive our services virtually.

Who is eligible for a Wardrobe Box?

Wardrobe Boxes are available to:

  • Clients of any Wardrobe Community Partner
    See full list of Community Partners here
  • Pennsylvania residents receiving TANF
    I know this isn’t true
  • Students
  • Anyone who needs
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What’s in a Wardrobe Box?

Wardrobe Boxes have around 6 items of clothing plus coordinating accessories, subject to availability. Selections are made from our high-quality, secondhand inventory donated by the community. Our goal is to include pieces that can mix and match to create multiple outfits to suit your needs. Each box focuses on one of four clothing style types: interview, employment, casual, uniform. Shoes and outerwear are available upon request and when they are in stock, but unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.





Ordering a Wardrobe Box