The Wardrobe Box

The Wardrobe Box is a personally-styled set of clothing sent directly to participants who cannot attend an in-person appointment.

As a Philadelphia-based organization, The Wardrobe outfits over 5,000 people a year at our stores, but many more are not able to come on-site due to transportation, childcare, health, scheduling, etc. The Wardrobe Box allows people in our area, and all across the country, to conveniently receive our services wear they are.

The Wardrobe Box program is partially funded by our Wardrobe Box subscription service for customers – learn more here.

Who is eligible for a Wardrobe Box?

Wardrobe Boxes are available to any individual with a valid ID number from a current Community Partner. Not sure if you’re with a Community Partner? Search our full list here.

If you are not affiliated with a Community Partner and would like to request a Wardrobe Box please email

What’s in a Wardrobe Box?

Wardrobe Boxes contain around 6 items of clothing plus coordinating accessories. Our goal is to create a “capsule wardrobe” with garments that can mix and match to create multiple outfits. Wardrobe Boxes are available in womenswear and menswear, and in sizes XS-4XL. Shoes, undergarments, and outerwear are available upon request and when they are in stock, but unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.





Wardrobe Boxes can feature professional attire, casual clothing, uniforms, or a combination to suit each client’s needs. Selections are made from our inventory of high-quality, secondhand garments donated by the community.

Ordering a Wardrobe Box

The Wardrobe Box order form has 3 sections that tell us equally important information. Each section needs to be filled out completely and accurately. The form can be finished in less than 5 minutes.

1. Contact

We may reach out to you with follow up questions to your order, so we’ll need a current email address and phone number (or that of a case manager) you can use in addition to a valid shipping adress. We also send shipping updates through email.

2. Demographic

It is important for us to track our Community Partners and certain demographic data about our clients. This section asks sensitive questions. Answering is optional, however this information is only used for internal reporting to help us improve our services and apply for funding. Your information will never be shared.

3. Style Profile

Please answer with as much detail as possible. Use the open fields to describe your ideal box and answer the multiple choice questions with everything you’re open to receiving so we can make appropriate substitutions if necessary.

Example: A request just for t-shirts
We may only have 3 t-shirts in that size. With a complete form, we can add jeans, sweaters, or other items you may need for 6 total pieces instead of 3


I’m not sure what type of clothing I need, can I get help filling out the form?
Yes, Virtual Appointments are available upon request. You can book a video call with one of The Wardrobe’s stylists to discuss your specific needs or to help find your sizes. Schedule a Virtual Appointment here.

How are your sizes determined?
The Wardrobe’s carries a variety of brands each with their own sizing. We have grouped numerical sizes into letter sizes XS-4XL (see our Wardrobe Box Size Guide). If you’re particularly concerned about fit, we encourage you to include measurements. Common measurements include chest, waist, hip, and inseam. Measuring instructions can be found at the bottom of the Wardrobe Box Order Form.

Where do you get your clothing?
The Wardrobe’s inventory is entirely donated by members of our community. We carefully inspect each garment for quality and only keep the best items (discarded items are repurposed through our partner Helpsy). Our selection features the best from designer, store, and vintage brands – sometimes new with tags. On occasion, we may need to order special uniform attire such as scrubs, workboots, etc.

How long will it take to receive my box?
Wardrobe Boxes are typically sent within 5-7 business days from the order date. We ship packages with USPS and arrival times follow their practices. If we need to order special attire, your package may take longer. Tracking numbers and updates are sent via email.

What do I do if something in my box doesn’t fit?
We try to match every selection as closely to your request as possible. Unfortunately, with a variety of brands each with their own sizing, sometimes some pieces may not fit. You do not need to send or bring those items back to The Wardrobe. We encrouage you to pass them along or donate them in your community. Please email describing the issue and we can send replacement items.

Who can I contact with more questions?
You can email any time about our process or with specific questions about an order.