Fashion Dash 2021

Join The Wardrobe for our Virtual Fashion Dash. What’s a Fashion Dash? Like in fashion, there are no rules! You pick the activity (and the outfit!). You can walk, run, bike, join an exercise class, even shop to complete your personal Fashion Dash (4,500 steps, 5K, 3.1 Miles…) by yourself, or your team! 

During the Fashion Dash, you aren’t just a participant, you are FUNDracer! Every $50 we raise during the Fashion Dash allows The Wardrobe to provide another outfit to someone in need through our new Outfits for Life program that helps those who are overcoming personal tragedy, reentering our community after incarceration, or rebuilding their lives after experiencing homelessness or addiction.

Set your goal and earn fun Fashion Dash Swag like a t-shirt, medal, racer pack, and water bottle. Become a FUNDracer today!

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