Meet Christopher

Christopher is a recent Wardrobe client who found our services upon reentering society after 15 months of incarceration. The clothing he received from The Wardrobe helped Christopher feel like himself again and empowered him on his job search.

Meet Acasha

Acasha came to The Wardrobe in preparation to start a new job while experiencing another major life shift, the transition to adulthood. The Wardrobe provided Acasha with clothing she needed to start an internship, and her career, with confidence.

Learn More About Acasha

Acasha left college in the spring of 2020 and facing unemployment during a global pandemic was daunting. Fortunately, a friend recommended Hopeworks, a technology education and training program just down the street from her in Camden, NJ. At Hope Works, Acasha learned technological skills as well as job readiness. Upon completion of the program in November, Hopeworks helped Acasha secure a 6 month internship. When it came time to start the position, her Career Readiness Coach referred her to The Wardrobe.

When Acasha arrived for her appointment, she was nervous. She had never bought professional attire before – she didn’t know where to start. Luckily the helpful staff soon welcomed her into the store and made her feel comfortable. She found shopping the floor and trying on the clothes relaxing, but it was seeing herself in the outfits that was “enlightening”.

“I was very surprised at how professional I looked! It’s not a side of myself I’ve seen before, so looking in the mirror was eye opening. I felt very proud and confident. It was a very uplifting moment.”

Acasha left with 3 full outfits, shoes, and accessories! She called it “the best shopping experience I ever had”. She loves her internship and plans to continue learning and training so she can keep working in her field.

“I feel as though the credentials I received from Hopeworks and the professional image I got from The Wardrobe will help me to advance further in my career”.

Meet Naromie

Naromie first came to The Wardrobe in January of 2020 in preparation for a job fair. She had recently graduated from the Philadelphia Job Corps as a Certified Home Health Aide and Certified Medical Assistant, but remained unemployed. At her first appointment she received a dress, cardigan, jewelry, scarf, shampoo, even a book! 

“I felt great, it really helped me out! The outfits you gave me helped me feel more confident in myself when I went to interviews and found a job.” 

Naromie quickly found work as a Home Health Aide but as an essential. healthcare worker the pandemic changed everything and she went without work for 4 months.

Learn More About Naromie

Naromie was  able to return to work later in the year and began volunteering at Temple twice a week. Naromie says being in the hospital was very different than it was before COVID.

Her presence provides much needed support for the overworked doctors and staff in the hospital, but it’s not without risk. Naromie has had “very severe” asthma since she was a child. She understands the increased danger this puts her in, but it was her experience that inspired her to work in healthcare:

“I love helping people, that’s my passion! I love seeing people smile. I grew up going in and out of the hospital so I know how it is to be a patient and have nurses and doctors helping you.”

Naromie returned to The Wardrobe this fall for employment clothing. She received scrubs for her job as an Aide and business professional attire for volunteering at the hospital. She definitely feels receiving that first interview outfit from The Wardrobe was a crucial step for her career that led to her being able to work during the pandemic.

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