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Referral Partner Membership

Open to any social service or government agency that is assisting job seekers to improve their lives.

For a small annual fee*, your clients can access our services for an entire year

Nonprofit Type
(Based on Annual Operating Budget)
Annual Membership Fee
Start Up Organizations (budget under $100,000) $100
Grassroots Organizations (budget under $250,000) $250
Nonprofit Organizations (budget up to $500,000) $500
Nonprofit Organizations (budget up to $1 Million) $750
Nonprofit Organizations (budget over $1 million) $1,000
Government Agencies & Corporate Partners (all budget sizes) $2,500

*Membership fee based on operating budget

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  • Access to all Career Wardrobe programs
  • All appointments scheduled within 24 to 48 hours of request
  • Refer up to 100 clients, Monday-Friday
  • Emergency appointments: made within 24-hours for job search emergencies


  • Yearly fees above cover first 100 referrals & are not dependent on actual number of individuals who complete an appointment.
  • If a partner reached the referral limit before the end of the membership year, a new membership is required.
  • For government partners, a separate contract may be required depending on anticipated need.
  • Invoices and referral reports can be provided upon request.
  • Additional or off-site workshops available on a sliding scale from $100-$500.

Clothing Appointment Process & Types

  • To make an appointment, the Referral Partner can call or go online to schedule or referral form can be given to a client to make their own appointment online or by calling. All referral forms must be sent to Career Wardrobe before the appointment date.
  • The Referral Partner Member can choose between the following types of appointments based on client need.
  • 1 professional outfit appropriate for an interview
  • Ideal for job seekers or students preparing for internships
  • 3 outfits appropriate for the client’s new job
  • Typically business casual, but depends on the job
  • 2 outfits for a training program or school
  • Can include common uniform or specialty items such as scrubs
    (if not needed in designated color)
 General Need
  • 6 mix & match pieces
  • Especially for those in a life transition for whom interview attire
    may not be most needed, but clothing for everyday life will make a difference


Professional Development Opportunities

Career Wardrobe offers these opportunities for Referral Partners & their clients throughout the year.

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Job Search Workshops

  • Career Wardrobe’s Workshops are designed to be on-site for groups up to 15 with a dressing appointment after the workshop.
  • Topics include professional dressing, creating a wardrobe on a budget, & interview preparation.
  • Topics are flexible & can be tailored to meet a group’s needs.
  • Must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Wardrobe Careers Internship Program

  • Paid 12-week internship for three (3) yearly cohorts of four (4) participants.
  • Interns gain work experience in a supportive environment while also attending career development days in topics integral to employment success.

Work It! Series

  • Professional Development Days focused on confidence, networking, & interviewing.
  • Every event includes a pampering makeover, professional head shots, breakfast & lunch, & a guest speaker.

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Government & Larger Agencies

Do you see more than 200 clients a year who need our services?
Please contact us at 215-568-6693 to discuss partnership options

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