To provide quality service to all our participants,

we ask that you review these easy steps to make the most of your appointment



Remember, clients are seen by appointment
Have your referring agency call us to make you an appointment
If you are coming through our Open Access program, please call us for an appointment
215-568-6693 x10

Reminders about your appointment:
  • Participants may not bring friends or relatives (including children)
  • Participants that are more than 15 minutes late will be rescheduled
  • All clothing must be tried on before leaving Career Wardrobe (including scrubs, no returns)
  • Case managers/agents do not need to accompany participants, as our staff are assistants
    However, if a client needs assistance from an aide or case manager, simply let us know when making the appointment
  • Any requests, such as language interpretation or wheelchair access, should be provided when making the appointment

If there is a need to cancel an appointment, please call Career Wardrobe before the scheduled time

Referral Agencies

If you are a case manager/agent please call 215-568-6693 x10 to request client appointments
Please do not instruct clients to call for their own appointment

When calling to schedule, please have:

  • Client’s name
  • Program Name & Referral Partner ID number
  • Program’s Telephone Number
  • Name of approved case manger/agent/program coordinator’s name

Participants who do not keep their appointments are still counted towards yearly appointments made

Still have questions?
Contact us! 215-568-6693

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