Let’s Pass The State Budget!

This is the final chance we have to persuade the PA state government to take action and pass the state budget. For 6 months The Wardrobe has continued providing free clothing services despite our PA Workwear funding being withheld.

However, if the state budget is not finished this week, we will have to make the difficult decision to limit services and turn away women who simply need a set of scrubs to start their first day of work.

The good news is that YOU can help get the budget passed by doing these THREE action items!

  1. Add your name to our letter (also, below) urging the PA state government to finish the state budget by passing the fiscal code bill!
  2. Share our letter or social media posts with your communities
  3. 📞 Call your PA State Representative and Senator. Find your legislator here.


Calling takes 2 minutes! Use the script below to help you guide the message. But the points are simple:

  1. Thank them for their support of the agency you support and PA Workwear Program
  2. Remind them that the PA Workwear Program is funded via the FISCAL CODE
  3. The Fiscal Code Bill is part of this week’s joint session agenda
  4. It needs to PASS THIS WEEK or the agency you support will need to stop providing services via this important program
  5. Loss or delay in funding will also impact our agency’s ability to provide ALL SERVICES including to people experiencing domestic violence or houselessness, young adults aging out of foster care and people reentering our community after incarceration.