‘Dressing The Part’ – Career Wardrobe in Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc.

January 10, 2018 3:44 pm

‘Dressing The Part’ – Providing Jobseekers Workplace Fashion To Promote Confidence

by Tianna Grosch

Oftentimes in the workforce, you are judged by your appearance, and for those who have difficulty “dressing the part” and stretching already tight budgets, it creates more of a stressor and source of anxiety.

Choosing the right suit or outfit is often the first step toward inspiring confidence in yourself and your abilities.

In an effort to allow jobseekers’ outward appearance to shine along with their skills and other qualities, Bristol-based Bucks County CareerLink and their Second Time Around Store (STAS) partnered with Career Wardrobe this past year to offer professional and casual attire to men, women, and children.

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