20-year-old Career Wardrobe is upscaling and expanding services

June 16, 2015 4:31 pm

As seen in Generocity

POSTED BY Kristen Gillette

Now in its 20th year of services to women, Career Wardrobe recently announced that it would be co-locating with its successful 5-year old upscale resale shop The Wardrobe Boutique at 1822 Spring Garden Street in the fall.

The nonprofit, which has traditionally provided programs to women in transition, is also expanding its services to ensure that more people, including men and underemployed women, have access to services they need to transition to sustainable employment.

Combining locations also means Career Wardrobe will have a 9,000-square-foot space that includes both an office and boutique dressing space for men and women. In addition, two of the programs Career Wardrobe piloted in the spring will become permanent: the Open Access Program and Make It Work for Men dressing program.

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