Following Robbery, Career Wardrobe Receives Help from Community

January 6, 2014 5:09 pm

By Alex Vuocolo | 

Career Wardrobe is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that prepares women for employment by helping them develop confidence, career skills and a professional wardrobe suited to their ambition. It is also manages an affordable clothing boutique at 18th and Spring Garden with a selection of fashionable products for sale.

Despite its charitable mission, Career Wardrobe proved no less vulnerable to retail theft when it was robbed two weeks ago by two female suspects. Around $2,000 worth of products were stolen, according to Career Wardrobe Executive Director Sheri Cole.

Cole told Generocity that she found out about the robbery as she was returning home from vacation. Once she knew no one was hurt, she posted about the robbery on Facebook, and a number of supporters in the surrounding community offered their help immediately.

“I think people really responded to the fact that stealing from a nonprofit really hurts the whole community and especially the people that need its services,” Cole said.

“We estimate the we have had a 50% increase in in-kind clothing and accessory donations since the robbery and subsequent stories about it,” she added.

Career Wardrobes has also received financial donations of over $1,000 since the robbery. In addition, a security and IT firm, 2 Geeks Tech Consulting, is going to outfit the store with a video security system free of charge.