A Menu for Success – Job Search Satisfaction

December 30, 2013 10:03 am

What is your appetite for success? Does your hunger drive you to be a community leader? Or do you engage the world with your talents as a starving artist? Whatever your passion, be strategic in your job search. Use your resources to create a clear path to the career of your dreams. To have a satisfying job search, you should adopt these three principles: Confidence, Creativity and Courtesy.

menusuccessThe Power of Three

Attaining employment during the holiday season may seem like a daunting task but it is possible. The key to a successful job hunt is to project confidence. Confident candidates are memorable and personable – leaders in their own right. They accept challenges and tackle risks with gusto. Confidence reassures the employer that you are qualified for the position and reaffirms your character. Be a champion at creating the best you. A little hard work goes a long way.

Creativity is the center of holiday cheer. Make a lasting impression by updating your professional profiles with an inventive career summary or printing your resume on eggshell cardstock. You can also create a brag book for your interview. Brag books are portfolios of your professional achievements (awards, photographs, progress/sales reports, etc.). Want to push the envelope a little further? Create a video presentation of yourself and post it online (website/blog). Take advantage of social media, as it is the perfect platform for creative expression.

Lastly, be courteous to everyone who has helped you during your job search by sending them a Thank-You note. This includes your potential employers, your references (both personal and professional), and yourself. A handwritten note is most personable but an email thank-you note is acceptable.

By using the power of these three principles, you can be sure that your job search will be successful. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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