Why I Give

December 18, 2013 10:00 am

by Paige Wolf
Paige Wolf Media and Public Relations
Career Wardrobe Advisory Board

I am fully aware that I have what some people call “first world problems.”

I had the opportunity of complaining about pregnancy aches and pains before giving birth to two healthy children.

I complain about the intensity of my workouts, knowing how fortunate I am to have full use of my arms and legs.

I moan impatiently when the checkout line at Whole Foods is too long.

But I recognize that while it is only a natural response to everyday inconveniences, every minor bout of angst is a privilege. If we can be bothered by minor nuisances then we are truly lucky. And that is why it is important to me to give.

I may be disgruntled to see a dwindling paycheck in an economic downturn, but I know that I will never be destitute. I was fortunate enough to be born into a healthy body, the privilege of a good education, and a comfortable enough cushion of family support.

But not everyone was dealt such a fortunate deck. And many of us whose deck once seemed stacked in our favor could see it easily fall apart through any number of circumstances. Luck is just as fickle as it is random. And no matter how smart, how strong, how hard-working, or how determined you are, true success in life always takes luck.

So I try to remember that we are fortunate every time we sweat the small stuff. And I keep in mind to remember to give, because I am lucky enough to be able to offer something to people who may have pulled an unfortunate card or two.


Because it is mostly luck that separates me from any client at Career Wardrobe, an organization that has been giving women in Philadelphia a hand up for 18 years. These women want to find the employment to be independent and self-sufficient, but often have come across the bad luck of unfortunate circumstance. There are clients who have lost their jobs and financial support due to illness, drug addiction, family issues, or simply a lack of resources and positive support system.

Career Wardrobe is a safety net for women who have faced obstacles on their paths to self-sufficiency. They’ve provided educational programs, networking tools and opportunities and, most importantly, work attire that give women the confidence and support to improve their lives.

Having the support of Career Wardrobe is a critical element in employment success for unemployed women who have limited resources and an ever-decreasing network of supportive services.

Career Wardrobe combines your support with a woman’s determination to improve her life and the result is thousands of stories of personal achievement. For every $50 raised in December, another woman will receive an interview suit and start her journey to work.

Please consider sharing your good luck with a donation of $10 or more to provide a woman with the opportunity she needs to write the next chapter of her life… one that is centered on success!