Seven Habits You Want to Pick Up… Habit 1

October 7, 2013 12:46 pm

This begins our seven week run on positive habits you want to incorporate in your every day life. Jen Groover, entrepreneur and author of ‘7 Habits to Incorporate Today to Be More Successful Tomorrow’ will guide you through steps to becoming more aware of your thoughts, actions and reactions. Her inspiring and uplifting vision seem to be in tune with our mutual mission to empower women. We are so thankful to know and collaborate with Jen Groover. Come and hear her motivational words as she guest speaks at our Empowering 18 Tea and Fashion Show, November 3rd.

Jen Groover Head Shot - Sm

Habit 1:Be More Mindful
“Pay attention to how every thought causes actions and reactions, you can then effectively evaluate which behaviors are serving you well and which are damaging and holding you back.”

Our thoughts lead to actions. Our actions lead to reactions. This habit illustrates how powerful the mind is. Often mind over matter is a brilliant statement. By changing your mind and thoughts, the actions and reactions will be different. So take a moment to sit and think. Quietly ponder how thoughts can be more powerful than words.