A Pep Talk for Motivation

September 16, 2013 12:37 pm

As the seasons change in Philadelphia so do the events, retail windows, community activities and more. This past weekend the Rock N Roll half marathon was held in Philadelphia. Yours truly participated for the first time. As the whistle blew the corrals were let loose and passionate runners were off. A strikingly fast pace began the race. A pace I knew I would pay for about mile 10. As the miles passed and the muscles warmed, certain aches presented themselves. As predicted around mile 10 that fast, eager pace in the beginning started to creep up. At this point the mental pep talks began. You can do this. Keep Running. Slow your pace. Keep Breathing. This mentally push and breath gave me strength and motivation to keep pushing. Envisioning the finish line right around the corner. This is what you ran for! A success and finish can only start with you!



At Career Wardrobe, your mentally attitude is just as important as your physical being. Our clients become successful with the completion of our education workshops, taking advantage of our dressing program and learning valuable resume and interview techniques. Have you been helped by Career Wardrobe? Have you found motivation through their services? If you are a past client within the last 6 months and now successful in your career we want to hear from you! We have a unique and one time opportunity to show your style and success in our Empowering 18 Tea and Fashion Show event. To quality and apply please review the information and complete the survey here. Ten lucky ladies will be selected to participate in our November 3rd event.


We want and would love to hear your success stories. We ask you to share your stories of motivation and inspiration. We know we can make a difference in your career, in your family and in your well being. We encourage positive thoughts as our thoughts become our actions.