Community Involvement

September 9, 2013 12:48 pm

Over the course of eight years living in Philadelphia, i have grown physically and mentally while being educated on history, neighborhoods and culture. I have found and continue to find motivation in living in this active and intriguing city. Throughout Philadelphia, our communities hold events, clean ups, prayers and support. Becoming involved in your community can lead to new friends, new passions and an improved way of living.


Recently I attended the Wanderlust Festival in Philadelphia. A one-day, free event that invited all yoga lovers, of all ages, to join one another in a guided yoga practice. From 12-8pm, these healthy living advocates shared strength, passion and energy to an entire community. Held in the Piazza in Northern Liberties, one could see a common goal throughout the hundreds in attendance; to unite as one community. Uniting as one unit, pushing our bodies for a common goal of strength and mind.


This event made me realize how crucial these are to our neighborhoods and communities. How influential these community gatherings can be. For the simple pleasure of being Free, each individual took time from their day to join in the community, stretch and mingle while supporting local vendors and businesses. What a fantastic mission and organization who put these events together. Since this event I have felt motivated to participate more in my community. Whether attending events or helping with a park clean up, your involvement will motivate others.