Recycled Fashions

August 16, 2013 4:06 pm

Fashion itself has a life cycle. Each style is recycled from a previous eras fashion. We buy, we wear, we donate and we trade. When we partake in this process we are giving a new life to our styles, our fashions. We are recycling our looks. At The Wardrobe Boutique we are so pleased at how many donations we receive daily. There are so many spectacular clothing finds that need a home. We are currently transitioning our floors into Fall. Our summer styles are on sale now! Hurry up before those tanks and sandals disappear.

While we are transitioning so is our environment. Lately the fashion craze has turned ‘green’. Recycling has become more widely accepted and utilized while our clothing and accessories are shifting towards more sustainable fashions. Designs created with eco-friendly materials and organics have become widespread. Even hand bags have taken on a new look. One designer in particular, Tosheka Designs have introduced their Soko Bags. Inspired by the ‘Kiondo’ (carry-all baskets of East Africa) these recycled handbags are made from recycled materials and natural fibers. These ‘green’ materials are woven and knitted into handbags, totes, messengers, iPad bags and more. Consisting of a variety of shapes and colors this Kenyan based company is raising awareness to show the benefits of mass recycling efforts.

Similar to Tosheka, our Philadelphia based designer of SA VA pushes the creative envelope in the same area. Using natural fibers, organic fabrics and dyes. These designs are just a touch of what we need for our environment. These inspiring and conscious individuals understand the importance of recycling and how it can effect your life. Whether you are wearing this cause or donating to it, The Wardrobe Boutique has your full support. We are proud to be carrying Tosheka’s line and supporting recycled fashions.