Extend Your Strength

August 7, 2013 12:42 pm

Have you attended our annual Tea event in the past? Sweet 16 and Sassy 17 proved to be a great success and this year we want YOU to help us bring our community the best Tea yet, Empowering 18. Along with our staff at Career Wardrobe we rely on our volunteers to help produce these events. Each helping hand plays a vital role in the organization and execution of our annual events. Our annual Tea event is a celebration of connecting women to work.

Each individual has particular strengths and areas they excel in. Some are great at running a raffle table, others are better behind the scenes helping in our fashion show production. We encourage our volunteers to let us know where they would like to help, where they feel they best fit. Regardless of where you are extending your hand, we appreciate and count on your support. We have several committees organized for our Empowering Tea event including the raffle committee, program and fashion show, and our host committee. In order to be part of these committees we encourage you to sign up today. Our Empowering 18 Tea Kick Off is tomorrow! Meet with us at the Career Wardrobe on 12th street at 6pm.

So you said you wanted to volunteer? You said you wanted to help the community? Bring your ideas and strength tomorrow and help us plan a magnificent event. Help us invite, help us sponsor, help us by donating your time. Join us tomorrow to become part of an event committee for this years Empowering 18 Tea.

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