Wild Flowers an Okra

August 5, 2013 2:46 pm

I’ve touched on Mother Nature, traveling and appreciating the great outdoors. I’ve mentioned finding inspiration in any new adventure that presents itself. Whether walking down a busy city street or listening to the ocean waves.



Wildflowers are growing on the AC Expressway. Ever noticed? On an adventure to the shore, these vibrant pink, yellow and orange wildflowers are growing rapidly, maybe from these powering rains Mother Earth has presented. The simple things in life are often beautiful and taken for granted.

We can keep our earth green and luscious by continuing to recycle. If you donate clothing to The Wardrobe Boutique or Career Wardrobe, you are one step ahead. Recycling clothing, accessories, paper and plastics are all helping a beneficial cause that affects the entire world. A friend once brought up the issue of waste and composting. After some more research, I found a company in particular (woman owned may I mention) that collects compost from schools, events, restaurants, offices and more. There are several other companies as well that offer these services residentially. Recycling for my friend has created a vast, nutrient rich garden with anything from watermelon to okra. Recycling can create a world of health and solace.

Motivation through the earth, the senses and all the blooms when properly watered. We too like wild flowers grow tall, vibrant and free. Recycling can aid in our growth as humans, as a community and as a nation.