Recycling For Others

July 31, 2013 12:55 pm

Do you ever wonder what to do with those clothes you just don’t wear anymore? Those shoes that have been worn once and now sitting in the back of your closet, they deserve a round two! At Career Wardrobe and The Wardrobe Boutique we will be glad to take your extras. Shoes, clothes and accessories can all be recycled with us.

Whether they end up in our boutique ready for resale or at our 12th street location for professional dress, we have a use. Even the clothing we cannot use we donate to Community Recycling. This organization has been helping to reuse and recycle clothing in various ways. Whether you drop your clothing with us or at our clothing drives, they will not go unused! This company helps connect your goods with people who need them in communities all over the world.

So before you decide to throw your fabrics away, remember that even these goods can be recycled. By helping us with your donations you are giving a new life to not only your clothing but the individuals who are greatly appreciative to be wearing professional, clean and recycled clothing.