Motivating Past Materialism

July 22, 2013 11:05 am

Some people hold a full time job for years. Others work multiple part time jobs. Others work for themselves. Others stay at home and care for their children which is also a full time job. No matter what position you hold, its for a common goal. We all strive to hold that better position, the high paying job. We all push to make more for ourselves and our family.

We often are taught at a young age, you must work, you must support yourself and your family. Without financial support, our lives and our kids lives can be at stake. We often are greedy to make more. We often feel that what we have is not enough. Often materialist objects in our life take the forefront and we become jaded of what is really important, our family and love. It is difficult to look past those nice clothes, nice shoes and nice car. Its hard not to want the latest technology or hairstyle. In the end do those things make you feel like a better person? Do those things distinguish who you are?


I ask you to take a moment and breathe. Breathe in the fresh, free air that surrounds you. Do you envy people with more than you? Money cannot buy happiness and we often forget this living in such a materialistic society. We often forget that our family and love is the most precious and fulfilling gift of all. Step out of the word of need and into the world of appreciation for what you have. Understanding that we can better our own lives can impact your future greatly. We have the power to step up to the next position, we have the power to influence our kids and change their future. Making them understand that education and community giving can leave you richer than any full time job. Motivating them to look past material and into appreciation for what we do have and who we know.