Your Company Can Volunteer Too!

July 17, 2013 5:28 pm

If you work full time for a company or organization you are probably spending more than forty hours a week there. It’s almost like you know your co-workers as family. So why not take a family trip and donate some time with your fellow co-workers. Your company can volunteer time with several corporate opportunities.

A common corporate opportunity is for your company to partake in is our ‘adopt a day’ at Career Wardrobe. Your company selects a day each month to volunteer together and assist our clients with selecting professional clothing and appoint them to our educational services. Each hour, each minute counts for these ladies. Volunteer shifts are open Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm. Get your company signed up today!


Corporate clothing drives can also be organized through your company, school or club groups. We receive so many donations daily that it is often hard to keep up with sorting and organizing. Your hours, minutes and days can make a difference. Just by helpping us sort clothing and getting the latest suiting styles on the floor, allows a women at Career Wardrobe a chance to change their future. That piece of donation may be the key to their interview. So help us change and make a difference in our community. Sign your company up, sign your club group up! Volunteering is always better together.