Community Motivation

July 15, 2013 2:02 pm

Our community is motivating. Our opportunities, our organizations are filled with inspiring ways of life. At Career Wardrobe our women are motivating. As a blog editor and volunteer, I can honestly say it is so gratifying and motivating to work with such an outstanding group of women who push so hard to help others.

Our community at Career Wardrobe is a family. Even at The Wardrobe Boutique, all of our employees and volunteers have a common goal of giving back and helping other women who step into our door. I  personally find inspiration through all the neighborhoods in Philadelphia, all the different events, restaurants, parks and more! Even through these various inspirations, nothing compares to speaking or working with these women. Volunteering or receiving their services, you leave a different person.


Philadelphia is the newest emerging city recognized for health and wellness and how perfectly this relates to our ever changing, growing community. The community that wants to help, that wants to donate and one that strives to make this city a better place. A better place for families, young adults, kids and women in transition.