Stretch It Out!

June 24, 2013 1:42 pm

Philadelphia is home to many things. Famous cheese steaks, italian delicacies, our founding fathers, The Liberty Bell,  a large cycling community and most recently ranked number three for yoga lovers. Yoga is a practice for all ages, any time of day, in any community. Often people think that they cannot bend or stretch enough to partake in yoga; they are mistaken.

Yoga itself focuses on inner spirituality, inner strength, life energy and breathing techniques. There are many forms of yoga but in the end its about knowing your body, connecting within and letting go of the outer stresses that rest on our shoulders every day. Men and women of all ages are welcomed to open their minds and spirits to partake in these poses, stretches and often emotionally connected practices. Like any other physical activity, yoga can relieve stress and anxiety.

Philadelphia has several yoga studios offering countless types of yoga. Many of these studios offer community classes or student passes at discounted rates. This year there are even several yoga groups who meet in the morning at local venues such as The Art Museum Steps and the Comcast Center. For Free! We often forget to step away from our busy lives and tune in to our inner energy and strength.

Career Wardrobe teaches and supports women to gain strength and confidence in the workplace and their community. We give advice on how to better their lives and their families. We touch on inner values and inspirations. Let the stretch of yoga into your life and you may find more stength than you ever imagined. Let your breath find your inner energy and channel that into your next interview or your family. We forget that our bodies hold so much energy and inspirations through our muscles and breath. Find your own mantra; a word or verse used to quiet the mind, balance the inner body and attain other desired aims.