Give More Than You Take

June 19, 2013 4:00 pm

Our busy lives often get in the way of what is important. The importance of giving back to your community, giving back to help others. Volunteering can lift your spirits as well as touch the lives of many. At our recent A Perfect Fit Event, we heard stories from many women on how they gave back and continue to give in many ways. Whether through clothing donations, or donating their time to sit with others, we often forget that giving in the best gift of all.

You do not need a lot of money. You do not need the perfect job. You need the confidence and will power to stand up and offer a helping hand or ear. Always give more than you take. Give back by donating your old interview suit. Donate your accessories. Donate your time. Offer techniques and assistance to the women who are striving to get back on their feet to better their families. These women are so appreciate of anything you give and any time you volunteer. They are ready to listen, take advice and be dressed for success.

We all lead busy lives. We all have priorities in our day to day. I ask you to take a moment to step away from your hustle and bustle. Take a moment to look in from the outside. Take the time and take a deep breath. Look into your own life and find the time to give. Help others any chance you get. Listen, offer a helping hand and realize that volunteering even one day a month can change your life and change the lives of others. It touches not one life, but the lives of many. It touches a woman who is striving to be a better person for herself as well as providing a better life and opportunity for her family.