Need A Lift?

May 30, 2013 10:23 am

We are offering you several ways you can become involved in our community. Whether you volunteer, donate items or have signed up to help at our local events, we appreciate any helping hand. We offer workshops, apparel, resume reviews, interviewing tips and an open ear. We strive to place women in their dream career path. You can help! We need assistance in styling, sorting and our upcoming A Perfect Fit Event.

This event is happening in one week! We want to hear your story of a suit, while you listen to others share their miraculous stories of transition and growth. One week from today you will not want to miss our annual event happening at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia. Tickets are moving fast! With donations, raffles and fashion shows, there’s a way for anyone to get involved. Figuring out how you will get to this local event? Let us give you a lift! We are excited to offer you a FREE Uber ride up to $30 to or from the Crystal Tea Room for our Perfect Fit Event. Use our promo code PERFECTFIT65 . An exciting and stylish way to attend an unforgettable and beneficial event.

So give yourself a spiritual lift and donate or volunteer today. Helping others can often boost our endorphin’s and make us feel good about our community and giving back. Helping women to succeed with confidence is a life lift! So get out there, give a helping hand and don’t forget to buy your Perfect Fit Event tickets! Team up with the lovely ladies in your life and hop in an Uber ride for the evening. We look forward to seeing you there!