Give Your Suit A New Life!

May 15, 2013 1:01 pm

Do you have old suits? Old skirts? Old professional clothing that brought you through interviews, meetings and events? We will gladly take them off of your hands! Here at Career Wardrobe we are looking to take your old clothing out of your closet. Are you cleaning out for the new summer styles? Donate your clothing today to help others in their journey to success. Give your suits a new life and new adventure when you donate them to Career Wardrobe. We have women everyday that is making use out of your old suits.


We have several locations that you can drop your donations. All donations should be on hangers or folded into paper shopping bags at all locations. We ask that you refrain from placing your donations in plastic trash bags. Our main office and location for drop offs is 21 South 12th Street, Suite. 110, Philadelphia, PA. 19107. Hours for this location are 10:00am–4:00pm Monday through Friday, no appointment required. In addition to career clothing, you can also donate all seasons, casual, dressy and other items suitable for reselling that are in style to help us raise money for Career Wardrobe’s programs. We have several other Center City locations as well. Hours vary per location. Also find drop off locations in East Falls, The Main Line and Delaware County. Donation forms and receipts are available for your records.

Donating to Career Wardrobe can help support women transitioning to the workforce. Your donations, whether financial or clothing, go a long way to help empower women to succeed. Let your suit have a new life and new story with Career Wardrobe.