We Want You!

May 8, 2013 2:56 pm

Volunteer! Donate! Come work with us! There are so many opportunities this Spring at Career Wardrobe. Whether you are cleaning your closet and ready to donate your garments or ready to give a helping hand and volunteer your time to help our transitioning ladies. We are even hiring at The Wardrobe Boutique. Do you have what it takes to be part of something magnificent?! Whether you are in the market to give back or to find a new position, we have space for you.

We are in need for personal shopping stylists, educational workshops, your hands in our clothing drives as well as volunteers for our upcoming A Perfect Fit event. Our suits tell thousands of stories of hope, inspiration and determination  It gives women opportunities to get ahead and be successful. So join us in our event to raise money to empower more women in our community as they start their new journey towards success. This event happens one time a year and this year is being held at the beautiful Crystal Tea Room located at 100 Penn Square East in Philadelphia. See here for more information and how to purchase tickets!

Please be a part of a bigger movement. Helping women achieve professional success and better their lives. We are always in need of helping hands, so don’t be shy. Stop in our office and check out our space or stop by and shop at The Wardrobe Boutique. We are open and waiting for you!