Volunteering Words

May 1, 2013 1:43 pm

Recently I met a fantastic woman from Philadelphia. A woman with hours maybe even days worth of information, history, advice and experience about growing up in the city of Philadelphia. A woman who worked for what she has today. A woman with confidence and strength through the inevitable changes that our city has made. The change of fashion, retailers, education, careers and woman’s rights.

This lady was more than inspiring, more than just a conversation. She saved her money, moved to Center City back in the 1970s and made a name for herself through schooling and networks. She observed the changes in our city, the changes that make it The City of Brotherly Love. She watched neighborhoods transform, stores open and close while finding the best ‘underground’ hot spots the city had to offer.

Her story of success and strength as a woman living alone in a big city was touching, motivating and familiar. The history I learned about small side streets and the best place to buy custom boots,  surpasses any conversation I have recently had with my elders. It’s important that we do listen to our elders. The importance of listening and truly caring can really open your eyes to see how grateful we should be to live in this country.

Career Wardrobe follows this model. We listen. We are patient. We understand the importance of history and how it shapes us today. We are motivated by your inspiration. We are inspired by your stories. Please help us by donating or volunteering your time. Volunteer your story of a suit to #MySuit to inspire and motivate those you know. A stranger with a magnificent story can often be the spark you need to get started.