Red Socks

April 29, 2013 10:59 am

As we inch closer to The Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, we inch farther away from the unforgettable chaos our nation endured. Although moving forward doesn’t mean to forget. The motivation to push yourself, find your limits and run for those who cannot. We all have a different vehicle of inspiration and why we chose to run. Now more than before Philadelphian’s have a strong and confident reason to run. All in remembrance, run with your Red Socks.

A word-of -mouth remembrance has made its way around the city. In support of Boston, in support of our families, in support of all the runners in attendance, Philadelphia is choosing to wear Red Socks. Not a socks fan? Its OK as most of us here are not, but support means everything. So why not put your red on this Sunday, May 5th and stroll down broad street with Career Wardrobe and thousands of other supporters and motivators.

The road is an open canvas. A blank palette ready for you to paint. A solace on the concrete often takes away stress, anxiety and hurt. It brings people together. People with similar interests to push, support and love the city and country in which we live.