Offer Your Story

April 24, 2013 11:35 am

We as humans are social lovers. We crave conversation and interaction. We like to be heard and we like to share stories. Often an open ear is what gets us through one rough patch onto a smooth road. Career Wardrobe wants to hear your stories! We want to hear your success stories, your struggles and your inspiration. We want to know how your suit lead you on your path to success.

As we head into Spring and the many events happening this year we want to hear from you! Tell us how your suit made you feel, how you looked and the first time you wore it. Career Wardrobe helps women of all ages with professional attire, educational workshops and helps to build confidence in who you are. We would love to see your photos,  your suit and your story. Whether you share with us through email or through our social media channels you have the chance to win a free raffle ticket to our event; A Perfect Fit: Celebrating the Story of My Suit. Our event is taking place Wednesday, June 5th at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets are $100 and are sure to go fast, so get them today!

You can participate in this event many ways. You can share your story. You can attend the event and meet other confident and successful women who used Career Wardrobe and our services just like you. You can also help out by donating to our auction and promoting your business. You can also help by sending us a donation for the event. However you decide to help out, donate or involve yourself; we are thankful.