Helping Others

April 17, 2013 11:35 am

Now more than ever we need all helping hands on deck. As most are aware of the turmoil that took place in Boston this week, volunteers are encouraged to give their helping hands. So many heroic individuals stood confident and showed bravery while helping others. Whether showing support with a hug or staying close by a loved ones side until treatment was given, this shows our strong and helping nature as US citizens. Our duty to help serve others and stay calm.

Today you can start changing the lives of others. Whether working at our clothing drives or helping out at our workshops, we can use your time. Career Wardrobe strives to bring our clients the best support, inspiration and motivation that will help them succeed. Giving your time to help clean up our community, volunteering at our local events or providing educational services will give these women a chance to pursue their dream and provide a better lifestyle for their family.

We have to be thankful that we have family, friends and support. We as US citizens need to step up and help each other. As simple as holding a door open, donating a pair of shoes or even taking the time to sit and talk with our clients; an open ear can often be the most helpful and comforting aspect. Please take the time to look over our volunteer opportunities. Spring has sprung and we are waiting for you to take action! Helping each other is a trickling effect. As you help one, they turn around and help another. In a time where our country needs helping hands, you can make the difference.