Motivation in the Unknown

April 15, 2013 10:43 am

Many of us find motivation through other people. Family, friends, co-workers all shine a bit of light that inspire us to do more. To give back, to donate, to help others in need, to better ourselves and better others. Although we can be motivated in everyday life at anything we chose. Travel and nature are some of the largest motivators in my world. Travel allows you to explore new places, new states, new cultures and new communities. It allows us to open our mind and eyes to the glorious views that our country has to offer. I find solace in travel.

Traveling can lead to new friends, new loves and experiences. Sometimes traveling through the unknown can be the largest motivator of all. Just the sunshine, the open road and the fresh air. This is often the time to close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. More often then not we think that travel has to be out of our state, out of our city but we are oh so wrong. Traveling can be as simple as walking to the Schuylkill River Bank and watching the runners trek by. We can walk around our magnificent city and be inspired by culture, fashion and community. I am thankful we are given the freedom to explore our city end to end… on foot!

So on this gray Monday morning in April, after a sunshine filled weekend, Career Wardrobe wants to know what are you thankful for? This city has much to offer locals and tourists. Stepping outside your front door can be the motivator in itself. Exploring our city on foot, by bus, by bike, can open your eyes to the appreciation of living in such a helping and inspiring city. This Spring I am motivated to be living in an active and motivating community. So get out there! Explore your city, explore mother nature and appreciate the freedom in which we live.