Motivation in Mother Nature

April 8, 2013 10:04 am

The birds are singing their praise. The sun is starting to warm the city streets. The warmth is starting to pull new buds from the rich soil of the earth. This is Springtime in the city. This is mother nature showing all of her beauty through sight , sound and smell. This is when you open your windows and let the fresh air sweep through and push those lingering, hibernating winter months out the door. Mother nature is motivating.

Whether you’ve begun Spring cleaning or planted your window boxes, we have begun another magnificent season full of life, love and beauty. Career Wardrobe is blooming with the season. From new workshops, new clothing and new faces you can find the motivation to get outside and appreciate all the resources we offer for you to succeed. Whether you are starting a new career or advancing in your old, we help you to see your inner strength and beauty that shines on us all.

Our women share stories, experiences and techniques on how they got ahead. We love to converse with local women in our community and hear their stories of motivation and success. Are you motivated by this weather? Are you motivated by the sunshine? Are you motivated by women like yourself who push their hardest to succeed at anything they pursue? You can be anything you want. You can succeed at anything you chose. You have the resources available to get out and motivate others. So step outside with the sunshine. Bloom and grow with these Spring flowers and push yourself to your own limits to be who you are; a strong, beautiful, successful and confident woman.

*all photography by Ashley Herrin Photography*