Offering Support

April 3, 2013 12:05 pm

Donations come in all shapes and sizes. Most often the donations trickle in as assorted fabrics, trendy accessories or financial support. Although, the best donation of all doesn’t cost a penny. It cannot fit into a paper bag and you can’t estimate it’s size. The best donation of all is giving your time and offering support to other women in hardship. Offering words, resume tips and interviewing techniques will help these women feel confident in the workforce.

Your donations, whether financial or clothing, go a long way to help empower women to succeed. Financial donations of all sizes are more than welcome. These donations help support our education workshops as well as supporting our mission to help you dress for success. Often you can find volunteers spending their time with our clients sharing styling tips as well as talking with them about their dreams and goals. These women need a listening hear and a helping hand. Your two hands can go a long way for a family in need.

So check out more ways to help support Career Wardrobe and our growing community. There are women everyday who struggle to get a job and put food on the table. Help to be part of changing that. Whether you offer clothing donations orĀ financialĀ support, any bit helps. Most importantly, your time is priceless. The time you spend with us and our clients will help to improve families as well as make you a part of something greater, giving back to the community.