Spring Cleaning

March 20, 2013 11:38 am

What a better day to start cleaning out your closet! March 20th brings us full swing into Spring. The cleaning has begun! From walls to closets, it’s time to donate your 2012 wardrobe. Career Wardrobe needs your clothing and accessories to help women impress their peers at work. From pants to dresses, we accept professional clothing as well as uniform items. So help us to help women look their best!

Professional clothing includes matching business suits (skirts or pants), separate pieces, gently worn shoes, accessories, coats, formal wear and new and unused pantyhose and beauty products  We are always in demand for all sizes particularly sizes 0-2 and larger plus sizes and shoe sizes. Uniforms we accept include scrubs (without logos), white tops, black or tan bottoms and maternity wear to mention a few. We have everything to dress our women from day to night. So clean out some closet space and donate to Career Wardrobe today. 

The sun in shinning, the flowers are starting to bloom and we too are blooming with new styles and drop off locations. Donation guidelines, hours and locations can be found here. We make it easy for you to donate by providing locations all around the city including Center City, East Falls, the Main Line, Delaware County and more. Contact us today to find the closest drop off location near you. We look forward to receiving your donations that made you feel confident and successful.