Motivation through Movement

March 18, 2013 9:52 am

Between the tall red oak trees, the leaves blowing in the wind and the soft sunshine peaking between the branches creating the most detailed shadows on this winding, narrow road. This is the road less traveled. This is where you can let your mind run free and your feet embrace the pavement below. This is where no one can judge you, this is where no one can say you are wrong or right. This is where you can find solace.

Motivation in movement. Walking, running, cycling, swimming; all of which are life expressions. All of which are achieved through motivation. Career Wardrobe believes in motivation of the mind, body and soul. The motivation to get outside, smell the air and take in all of life’s natural surroundings. From the busy city streets to the quiet country roads, your foot steps can be heard. The motivation to move, to explore and open all your senses. To be thankful for the beauty of everyday life.

Sometimes we have to push ourselves to our limits mentally and physically. Preparing for your next race, your next game or even your own personal challenge, where do you find your motivation? Are you inspired by your peers? Are you inspired by your family? Allowing yourself to free your mind, lace your shoes and hit the open road. No matter how far you travel or how little steps you may take, movement can bring you to a new state of mind. Movement can leave you in the steps of the greatest adventure to mankind; life.


**All Photography Work Copyrighted and Owned by Ashley Herrin Photography**