Stiletto’s Serve

March 13, 2013 9:56 am

Have you got out there and volunteered your time yet? What are you waiting for?! As mentioned before Career Wardrobe offers so many ways to be involved that you cannot possibly say you don’t have the time or not close to a location of service. Career Wardrobe works with women of all ages, all backgrounds. I have touched on several events and ways to help in previous posts but today I am focusing on Generation Stiletto.

Generation Stiletto is a diverse and talented group of women under the age of 40 that work collectively with Career Wardrobe to inform the community and women in need of our services, educational workshops and professional styling assistance. Generation Stiletto puts their efforts and knowledge together as a team to help inform and educate the community of all the helpful and wonderful services Career Wardrobe has to offer. Generation Stiletto is always at the drawing board sharing ideas, plans, fundraising techniques and networking opportunities.

You can be a part of Generation Stiletto. You are able to obtain professional skills and endless networking connections. You can be a part of new events, new experiences and a new way of thinking. Joining the team doesn’t mean spending all your free time in our office. Generation Stiletto is constantly inspired and looking for new ideas, marketing campaigns and social media outlets. Join with your colleagues, join with your friends! We help engage younger generations in promoting success in your personal and professional life. We help all generations realize what an important cause you can help support by donating or volunteering a small amount of your time. Join in the success of young women who are striving to make a difference. Generation Stiletto will help you to help others, one step at a time.