Motivation through Motherhood

March 11, 2013 1:37 pm

Motivation can come from all around us. From the sunshine on city streets to the soft wind that blows through country fields, motivation is a mind set. Motivation can be found through loved ones, the smell of fresh cut grass and the magical view of blooming flowers and new life. A new life can be motivating in itself. A new world of adventures, experiences and the beginning of a new family. I find motivation in my own mother, my sister and my nephew. I recently became a great aunt. At 27 years old, that’s quite the accomplishment. A great aunt to a healthy baby boy. I find motivation in family.

A new undertaking for the young family will open their eyes to the world. A world filled with bottles, diapers and little socks. This is a blessing. A life miracle. Motivation to push through this cycle of life and teach this little man everything he must know to survive in the ever changing world. I find motivation in their strength, their confidence and bravery. Not every woman is suited to be a mother, although this young lady will excel with her life and her family. Being young with a family means learning together, growing together and loving together. You must adapt to your surroundings and keep your mind open to things that the littlest hands will teach you.

I find motivation in all young mothers. Whether single, married or divorced, it takes a strong and diligent woman to be a loving and caring mother. Being a mother is full time job in itself. Mother’s who are working to support themselves and their children are the strongest women I know. We need to constantly remind these women how spectacular they are. We need to give them the motivation they deserve to better themselves and their loved ones. The pursuit of happiness starts with you.


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