Shopping in the Snow

March 8, 2013 11:40 am

If you woke up in Philadelphia this morning, you may have been surprised to see a nice white coating of snow on the city streets. With all this weather hype about a storm bringing us 3-5″ of snow, I was pleasantly surprised to see some flurries this morning! Snow in the city brings chaos and excitement to many on their travels to work this Friday. For me, snow means more of a reason to shop! Our Wardrobe Boutique is open and ready for your fashion eyes. We have new merchandise, new trends and what better way to spend this wet Friday.

This March has brought us rain, wind, sunshine and now snow. What else does March have in store? If you have been following, you know that we have several events happening this month in and around Philadelphia. Our shopping craze this month happens on Thursday, March 21st in King of Prussia, PA. A day of shopping and champagne go hand in hand. This event is an all day shopping event that offers you socializing, sipping and saving! At LK Bennett at Bloomingdales you can save 10% when presenting your invitation. Always supporting a great cause, 10% of your purchase will also benefit Career Wardrobe.

Shopping just got sweeter! You can also receive a small gift by making a donation and purchasing something at LK Bennett. LK Bennett was founded in 1990 as a concept shoe brand. Today LK Bennett is a leading name in womenswear, accessories and shoes. Focusing on femininity, color and style, LK Bennett offers innovation and styling fun. So make sure to RSVP today by giving us a call or signing up here. Champagne reception starts at 6pm and gives you two hours of sweetness and socializing! Don’t be late to shop and sip with Career Wardrobe.