Motivation to Be

March 4, 2013 9:45 am

Recently my baby sister turned 20. First, how time flies. Second, how time can grow and strengthen an aspiring young woman. From when she was young she had a passion and dedication at everything she put her mind to. Now as she is growing into her own skin she is becoming more beautiful with every step of confidence. She works, she’s a full time student, she volunteers and she helps organize and run school trips and activities. She has the power to become anything she wants.

As many women do, all of us have the inner strength to succeed at what we chose. Whether that’s our next job, next promotion or next donation, each woman possesses the will to change her own future. As family is so important to myself and many, I am often inspired by own mother and sisters. What they have accomplished, what they have seen and where they are going. Sometimes it takes a long drive home to realize just how powerful an attitude can be. How mind opening and awakening travel can be. From the open road to an airport run way, travel can often lift your spirits and make you appreciate life in a different way.

So what are you waiting for? Travel can bring happiness and solace to your soul. Travel can be a walk down your street, a bus ride to Center City, a 3.5 mile run. Get outside. Take a deep breath and appreciate the day. Your life has a new beginning each waking morning. We need to be thankful everyday that we can continue to push through the daily grind and achieve the impossible. Your life is the beginning.