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Is it time to get re-organized, clear the clutter, and start fresh?

If you’re cleaning out your closet, here are a few questions to ask to see if you should keep those questionable items in your closet.

shirt-fit-quote1. Does it fit? Is it one of those items you keep telling yourself you’ll fit into….and never do? Maybe it’s time to find another fabulous item you can actually wear to take the place of this item that is simply taking up room. What do you think?

2. How many times have you put it on and changed your mind and taken it right off? Are you really wearing it, or is it there out of habit, because it’s an easy color match? If you’re not really wearing it, it may be time to make the space for something you actually DO want to wear that’s maybe getting lost in sentimentality clutter.

3. Have you worn it in the last 6 months? We all have our go-to outfits, I know. Is this part of those, or is it hanging around taking up space for that one day….? Ask yourself ‘if I saw this in a store today, would I buy it?’

4. Is it a “multi-tasker?” Can you only wear it with that one pair of pants, or can you mix and match it up with other items and get more wear out of it?

Don’t condemn these items to a lifetime of darkness in a closet, waiting to be used! You can set them free by donating them to Career Wardrobe where they will go on to help a woman find, or show off her sense of style, in a new job!