Client Services – COVID19 Shutdown


Our doors may be closed, but Career Wardrobe is open to help

In this time of social distancing, our Career Wardrobe Consultation
& Wardrobe Box program brings our services straight to you

Need help with your job search?

Request an appointment with a Career Wardrobe Consultant to discuss your job search, interviewing, and clothing needs

Job Search: Tips on conducting a successful job search online

Social Media for a Job Search: Updating your “online resume” via Linked In, adjusting your social media presence when conducting a job search

Interview Prep: Tips for interviewing both in person and online using Zoom or other video applications

Wardrobe Consultation: What to wear to an interview, first day of work, for different industries, dressing for your body type

Benefits & Workforce Development Resources: Resources available for unemployment and other benefits as a result of COVID19 or job loss

Career Advice: How to manage a career change, ask for a promotion, or advance in your career

Closet Cleanout: How to decide what to keep vs donate to Career Wardrobe & updated donation guidelines

Need clothing for your interview or job?

Through our Wardrobe Box program, your Consultant will help you create a work or interviewing outfit using what you have available in your own closet.

Missing an essential item like a white shirt and tie or a blazer to complete your outfit?
We will ship you a Wardrobe Box with the clothing you need.

To request an appointment, please select the appropriate link below:

Individual Appointment Request

No referral or payment needed! During this crisis, we are opening our programs to anyone who needs help transitioning to work during this stressful time.



Referral Partners

Nonprofit and government programs with an existing membership with Career Wardrobe (LIST HERE)

Referral Partners

Who Qualifies?

Just about anyone! Typically Career Wardrobe provides assistance to anyone referred through one of our Referral Partners. These partners are nonprofit or government programs that assist people transitioning to work and independence.

But during this crisis, Career Wardrobe recognizes that many in our community are suddenly out of work. We want to help anyone in need, so we are opening our services up to anyone… no referral required!

What’s a Career Wardrobe Consultation?

Each Consultation is a 30-minute meet up held via Google Hangout with a Career Wardrobe expert. The consultation is designed to help anyone prepare for their upcoming job search, practice interviewing via video chat, or even offer clothing for an interview or to start a job through our Wardrobe Box mailing service.

What is a Wardrobe Box?

Think of a personalized image consultation in your own home merged with “Stitch Fix.”

During your Career Wardrobe Consultation, our experts will offer to help you review what’s already in your closet to see if you have an outfit suitable for your immediate need. If you need additional clothing to create a suitable outfit we will send you a Wardrobe Box containing these essential pieces.

During this trial program, we may be unable to provide shoes and accessories.

Do I Have to Pay Anything?

Nope! This service is completely free to anyone who signs up for a consultation or receives a referral through one of our existing Referral Partners.

We are keeping everyone at Career Wardrobe employed through this crisis, and we have generous funders who are covering our shipping costs, too.

What If I Need Clothing Later?

Career Wardrobe is here for you now, and we want to see you when our locations in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Bucks Counties open again. Everyone who completes an online Consultation will be eligible for our outFIT for Work program, and receive an appointment to come and shop for a new outfit when we reopen!

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