Generation Stiletto

About Generation Stiletto

Generation StilettoCareer Wardrobe’s Young Women’s Initiative is a dynamic group of women under 40 who are prepared to lead Career Wardrobe into the future.

What do we do?
  • Generation Stiletto works collectively to increase the knowledge and awareness of the services Career Wardrobe provides to women in transition and the issues these women face. 
  • Generation Stiletto helps further outreach efforts to younger women in the Philadelphia community who are interested in supporting Career Wardrobe’s mission of empowering women. 
Join your peers!
  • Share ideas, plan events, support fundraising efforts, volunteer, and network with like-minded peers—all while supporting Career Wardrobe and The Wardrobe Boutique!
  • Develop your own professional skills and contacts, and take part in new experiences that will help propel you forward in your own endeavors.
  • Brainstorm creative new ideas for events, fundraisers, marketing campaigns, and social networking efforts.
  • Spread the word to other friends/colleagues who might be interested in an opportunity to engage younger generations in contributing to this important cause.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Generation Stiletto, or in being considered for the leadership team, please email Caitlin Day.