Career Wardrobe Individual Membership

Graduating from college?
Looking for a second or part-time job to make ends meet?
Recently laid off and looking for a new job?
Looking to advance in your career?

Career Wardrobe understands we can all use some assistance getting started in a new career or make a move to the next level. That’s why we’re here!

Sign-up for our Individual Membership and receive:

  • A full week’s worth of work appropriate clothing
  • Access to our educational seminars, including the opportunity to earn our Professional Development  Certificate
  • Opportunities to participate in our other workshop and events
  • Membership Bonus!
    Receive a 20% off discount card good for purchases at The Wardrobe Boutique

Suggested fee: $10
We’ll work within your budget so you can pay what you can and still receive what you need. Just ask!

Sign up online here.