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Referral Partner Membership is open to any social service or government agency that is assisting women to improve their lives. For a small annual fee, your clients can access our services for an entire year.
All memberships include:

Download current referral partner membership information:


Full Ensemble Membership

Annual Fees*:
$500 for nonprofit programs or $1000 for profit programs

   * Fees are prorated for full ensemble membership after 11/1

Accessory Membership

Sliding Scale Fee: $100 (suggested)
Non-profit programs only


Special attire for training, school or employment

Do your clients need access to chef or school uniforms, scrub sets, nursing shoes, or steel-toed boots?

We can help!

* Items subject to change depending on cost to order, shipping, and inventory. Other special attire items may be ordered according to the needs of your program and billed as determined by the cost.


  • Scrubs
  • Chef wear
  • General uniform request
  • Shoes
  • Logo items


  • One set
  • Coats; hats; black, white, or checkered pants
  • White blouse; black, khaki, or tan pants
  • Black sneakers; white nursing clogs
  • (various)

Partner Co-pay

  • $15
  • $15
  • $8
  • $12; $4
  • Determined by client’s program