Career Wardrobe’s services help support education and skill building to increase confidence and promote self-sufficiency

untitled-120-of-132_26419324796_oNearly 20% of job seekers referred to Career Wardrobe go on to voluntarily take advantage of our educational programs which provide a complete continuum of job readiness services from monthly resume review opportunities to professional development seminars focusing on employment skills such as communication, time management and financial literacy.

When surveyed about their employment outcomes, individuals who attend our programs report more successful results on their job search and subsequent employment when compared to as a whole:

  • 1Impact of Services: education clients report being more prepared for their job search and more confident in their abilities (91% vs. 88%).
  • Job Search Activity: education clients are 12% more likely to be called in for a job interview after applying for a job.
  • Employment Status: education clients have a higher employment rate (50% vs. 48%), and they are 16% more likely to be employed in a job classified above entry level
  • Wage Rate & Reliance on Public Assistance: education clients report higher overall wages and are less likely to still be relying on public benefits once working.

Individuals looking to boost their job search are invited to our free monthly Blitz Basic Job Search workshop and to participate in our Career Coaching program.

Referral Programs and programs offering job search opportunities are able to bring Career Wardrobe’s Gateway to Success Job Readiness Course and individual Suit Up workshops directly to their clients on site.


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