Reclaiming Voices, Renewing Hope

So many of the women we see at Career Wardrobe are facing challenges – lack of education, low-paying jobs, unemployment, chronic poverty – which keep them from becoming independent and self-sufficient. Thousands come to Career Wardrobe each year, to reclaim their voices, and gain a renewed sense of hope.

IMG_20140814_122857 (1)Through a stylish, professional suit, a brand new resume, in-depth education on matters of communication and time management, and internship opportunities, Career Wardrobe gives women something you can’t find in any store or classroom: confidence.

Back in May, DeShante was shy, reserved, and feeling like she didn’t have many options. By September, she had nothing but possibilities ahead. Career Wardrobe’s programs “helped me grow a lot!” she said as she walked towards the door. The difference in her is one we see echoed in nearly 3,000 women each year.

When they leave Career Wardrobe, their heads are held high, and their voices are steady, strong, and full of that secret ingredient – hope.

Consider a donation of $50 to provide a woman with the opportunity she needs to write the next chapter of her life…her own success story.

Our Services Improve Lives.

  • 87% are earning over minimum wage and 46% are working in positions with advancement potential and are above entry level.
  • After 6 months, 57% of women are no longer dependent on welfare, resulting in a $19 million savings to taxpayers.
  • And 30% are successful in keeping their jobs for over 3 months, allowing them to progress into a new career, not just a job.

For every $50 we raise, one more woman will receive a new suit for her job interview. Every suit will have a new story to tell. Stories of hope, determination and opportunity!



Other Donation Opportunities:

United Way Donor Choice: Direct your United Way Donations to Career Wardrobe, donor id number 7873.

Renewing Hope: Your monthly gift will help us provide sustained support for women in transition.

A Perfect Fit: Annual fundraising fashion show and reception held in the Spring

Career Wardrobe Tea: Generations of women gather in the Fall to celebrate and help other women succeed

Education programs: Support our various workshops and seminars.  EMail us for information

Corporate Drives: Hold a clothing or accessories drive and get your employees engaged in helping women in need

Corporate Volunteering: Plan a day when employees can work together by volunteering at Career Wardrobe or The Wardrobe Boutique