Interested in organizing a drive on behalf of your school, group, club, or company?

It’s simple! By following these steps you can help Career Wardrobe assist thousands of women each year to successfully transition to work!

#1 Let us know!

  • Contact Caitlin Day at Career Wardrobe (phone: 215-568-6693 x15) to receive proper paperwork and be placed on our schedule for donation delivery.
  • Download our guidelines and request form, or email us to have them sent to you upon our receipt of your paperwork.

#2 Choose your drive!

We have a drive suitable for any group!

  • Suited Up Drive: Donations of complete business skirt suits or pantsuits with matching blouses.
  • Separate to None Drive: Donations of trousers, skirts, blouses, blazers, and “Casual Friday” outfits.
  • Scrub Drive: Donations of scrub sets (no logo items, please) for women in healthcare, daycare, and hospitality jobs.
  • Finishing Touch Drive: Donations of shoes, stockings, handbags, jewelry, and scarves.
  • Basic Beauty Drive: Donate those trial samples you never use (shampoo, toiletries, makeup, and skin and hair care products).

#3 Designate a coordinator to oversee the donations and make sure they meet our guidelines.

  • This coordinator is encouraged to come to Career Wardrobe for a tour and to volunteer for an hour to understand the kinds of services and clothing we provide.

#4 Drop off your donations!

Don’t forget the empowerment part of your drive!

In addition to clothing, Career Wardrobe relies on financial donations to outfit the women who need our assistance. All donations are tax deductible.

Here are some ideas for obtaining donations:

  • Corporation donations:  Ask your company to match its employees’ contributions with a corporate gift of $150 or more.
  • Individual donations:  Ask colleagues who are not donating clothing to consider supporting the drive with a financial gift. Collect spare change and donate it to Career Wardrobe. Be creative! Auction off a premium parking spot in your company lot during the week of your drive, or charge $5 to wear jeans to work on a Friday!

Contact Caitlin Day at 215-568-6693 x15 with questions!