The key to success starts with you!

In 2011, Career Wardrobe was honored to present our inaugural Fashioning Futures for Women Award to Chrissey Ladd.

15 years ago, Chrissey was living out of her car alone, with no money, family support, education, or marketable skills. But today she is a driven and successful educator, public speaker, and mortgage banker.

Without access to an organization like Career Wardrobe, Chrissey mentored herself and discovered the keys to success:

  • Opportunity
  • Inspiration
  • Independence

Fortunately, women in our community now have Career Wardrobe to help them find the keys they need to realize their potential.

“I have been laid off 4 times in the past 6 years and have been in the position where I’ve been called for an interview and haven’t had a single thing to wear and no money to purchase new clothing.

Career Wardrobe is a great program that encourages, empowers, and motivates women. When women look good, we feel good, too. And a suit gives us all the more power and confidence.”

“Career Wardrobe truly changed my life. After paying for mistakes I made, I was unemployed with a criminal record when I came to them.

The women at Career Wardrobe helped me to believe in myself again. They treated me with respect and encouraged me to pursue my dreams and goals. Walking into an interview with the right outfit and the right attitude is invaluable. There is no doubt in my mind I am working today because of the tools that Career Wardrobe has given me.”

“I often say the suit I received from Career Wardrobe was my good-luck charm. It was the first suit I owned, and with it, I landed a job that would forever change my life—the same one I have today.

Not only did the staff help me find a complete outfit, they also provided helpful tips on choosing the correct attire for an interview. They helped boost my faith in myself so that I could land the job and grow into the woman I am today.”