Thanks to the following partners who help raise awareness and resources for Career Wardrobe. Please visit their websites for special discounts on purchases that generate proceeds for Career Wardrobe.

Sponsors and their links

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Fashion 41 carries a great selection of designer and brand-name handbags at discounted prices.

  • Use the discount code: CW10 and you’ll receive an extra 10% off your purchase.
  • 10% of your purchase will be donated to Career Wardrobe!

Glam Siren
Beauty is truth, love, and happiness and can be achieved by every woman, regardless of age, shape, or dress size. 5% of all sales benefit Career Wardrobe!

Buy the WrapMaster®and $2 is donated to Career Wardrobe for every unit sold.

Coupon code: WARDROBE

Visit to get yours today!

Dale Carnegie Training
Dale Carnegie Training (Philadelphia) supports our Gateway to Success Seminars for Women

Team David

  • Team David hosts Crestcom International’s Bulletproof® Manager, a series of monthly 4-hour sessions focusing on leadership skills—including situational exercises, case studies, and group and individual activities.
  • Click here to get more information! 


  • Ready, Willing & Able partners with Career Wardrobe to transport clothing donations and keep our costs down.
  • All once homeless, the “men in blue” of Ready, Willing & Able—known for their trademark blue uniforms—work in paid transitional jobs that benefit the City of Philadelphia.
  • Participants graduate from the program upon achieving permanent, full-time employment, independent housing, and lasting sobriety.

Wash Cycle Laundry offers pick-up of Career Wardrobe donations.

  • Leave your laundry and something to donate to Career Wardrobe, too!
  • To sign up, visit the Wash Cycle Laundry site.
  • You can choose to leave your donation unattended or be at home to meet the representative.
  • Career Wardrobe will send tax donation receipts after the donations are received.
  • As a special thank you, Wash Cycle Laundry customers will also qualify for a discount on their next laundry order!

McCormick Brothers Professional Dry Cleaning Services

Since 1995, McCormick Brothers has offered convenient pick-up and delivery service to homes and offices in the Delaware Valley. McCormick Brothers assists Career Wardrobe with some of their dry cleaning needs in support of our mission.

Precision Plus Plumbing
Precision Plus Plumbing, Drexel Hill, PA

Career Wardrobe is pleased to partner with Precision Plus Plumbing in Drexel Hill, PA. Customers of Precision Plus in Delaware County, Chester County, and the Philadelphia area can donate items during their service call. Find out more.

Shift My Gift
Don’t need another sweater or pair of socks? Consider Shifting Your Gift this year!

  • Select a charity to support at
  • Create a campaign to celebrate your event (birthday, holiday, etc)
  • Promote the campaign to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Help people in need… without receiving another gift you don’t need!

Learn more at

Special offer for Career Wardrobe: 

  • SA VA is a groundbreaking clothing and accessories brand that is built on the platform of effortless, individual style and social consciousness. Based in Philadelphia, the brand is comprised of a flagship store and design studio at 1700 Sansom St., an adjacent garment center, and an online fashion community and store.  SA VA is locally made, globally inspired, and community-focused fashion.

  • 215-587-0004
  • Bring your donation receipt from Career Wardrobe to the 
SA VA store and receive 10% off your purchase.

Coakley Cares
Coakley® Cares
™ was designed to offer a meaningful and sustainable revenue stream using the power of the purse to support the events and fundraising mission of its partner organizations, like Career Wardrobe, while providing value to its members. The program provides two choices for donation when you shop online at

Simply choose your preferred referral code at checkout:

Enter Referral Code CareerWardrobe 1:
Save 15% off any bag* and receive FREE shipping.
Coakley will also contribute 15% to Career Wardrobe.

Enter Referral Code CareerWardrobe 2:
You will receive FREE shipping,
and Coakley will contribute 30% to Career Wardrobe.